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A internet magazine is a magazine with moving pictures aka. gifs, video’s and links to other magazines, online news papers and cool or informative web sites. The Shorts is about style, fashion, celebrities, humor, beauty and inspiration. A magazine that combines science with sexy and freedom of speech and human rights with the nerd culture. Original cartoons and editorials plus colorization’s, digital art and short stories not to mention life hacks and recipes. What Do Your Shorts Say? is our collection of interviews with celebrities and interesting people. Lookbooks on Pop Culture and Fashion and The History of Shorts, Plus our Top 10 list. Play “Guess Me By My Bikini?” a really fun game and help us find The Worlds Smallest Shorts.

+Shorts of the Day and Cosplay of the Day too!

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BadGirlsWithGuitars is where we feature the monthly winners of our most likes. A website where you vote for your favorite upcoming star on a facebook page. We search for undiscovered, unknown and upcoming girls who play guitar, bass, drums and sing. Rock, Pop, Metal, Country it doesn’t matter as long as they have talent. The girls who get the most likes keep coming back until you’ve made them famous. Their covers of current hits are better than the original artist. Their original songs have never been heard before. Choose your favorite artist you didn’t even know existed and follow them on Facebook, Twitter or You Tube and be a fan before they are famous. If your a talented girl or you know of a talented girl who deserves a shot at stardom, then submit a video yourself and see, is she a Bad Girl With A Guitar?


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Amazing facts about science, technology, history and entertainment that lots of people didn’t even know. Fill up your brain with incredible facts and astound your friends with your knowledge! Because Knowledge Is Power!